Professional References

We fully understand that it is essential for you to feel comfortable with any company’s goods or services that you are looking to utilize. This goes doubly so for any personal and by nature, intimate service like massage therapy and spa treatment. Therefore, and in the interest of sincere transparency, we feel it is of the utmost importance to share both personal and professional references with you. This page is dedicated to our professional references, including several from very well known and worldly acclaimed 5 star resort hotels throughout the Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona, Las Vegas Nevada and Southern California areas. Please also visit our personal recommendations page to read reviews from some of our many satisfied and loyal customers.

The reviews on this page are provided by some of the many resorts and hotels that turn to A Magic Touch Mobile Massage for our professional, licensed and insured outcall therapists when their own spas are fully booked. Please do not hesitate to contact us for even more references, and please click on the icons below to enlarge each of them individually…

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