What Makes a Good Massage Therapist?

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What Makes a Good Massage Therapist?  Is it schooling, technique, intuition or communication? What Makes A Good Massage Therapist?

Just because a massage therapist has many years of school or knows the name of every muscle in the body and where it is located, does not necessarily mean she is a good massage therapist.  Knowledge is very helpful and often a requirement for licensing, but that in itself doesn’t make a good massage therapist.

So what qualities should you look for in a massage therapist?  What makes one a Good Massage Therapist?  How do you know she is a good therapist?

A good massage therapist, should have some schooling, although I have ran across a few that were incredible that had no schooling at all.  She should also have some knowledge of anatomy.  She should also be intuitive and be a good listener to the muscles and the client.

Intuitively knowing where to go and listening to what the body is telling you while you are working on someone is very important.  If a therapist is locked into a routine that they do on every client, she is not a good therapist.  Every client is different and requires a different massage.   Knowing this and customizing the massage based on the clients needs, muscle tightness and problem areas will definitely help one to do a great massage.

Another complaint I hear from clients often is, the therapist didn’t listen to me and didn’t do the work I asked.  Therefore making the client very dissatisfied.  Take the time to ask your client questions and make sure you are listening when they answer!  Give the client your undivided attention.  Check in with the client often through out the massage asking the client if the pressure is right and before ending the massage, do a mental checklist to make sure you have addressed all problem areas listed by the client.  Also perhaps about 5-10 minutes before the end of the massage, ask the client if there is anything they feel needs more work or that you may have missed.  Communicating with the client is key to a great massage.

Often times, it takes a few massages to get the exact treatment you need. The therapist needs to get to know you and your problems.  If you have a therapist that is knowledgeable, intuitive, listens and communicates well, chances are she will be a good massage therapist.

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