What Can I Expect From A Mobile Massage?

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You may ask  what can I expect from a Mobile Massage?  What questions do I need to ask when booking a Mobile Massage?  How much should it cost?  How do I know if the company is professional?  What can I expect after I book a mobile massage?  What happens during a mobile massage in my home?  What should I do to prepare for massage?  How do I dress?

A mobile massage is when a traveling massage therapist comes to you at your location. The mobile massage therapist brings the spa to you.  This is great, so you don’t have to go anywhere!  This could include a hotel, a home, a business or event.  They bring all the necessary equipment for your in home spa service.

The cost for a mobile massage therapist is generally more expensive then if you were to go into a place, because the traveling massage therapist comes to your home,  hotel, or business.  Prices can range from anywhere from $80 an hour to $120 an hour depending on how far the traveling massage therapist has to travel.

When booking an in home massage you should ask if they are licensed, how much experience they have, what type of massages they do and also if they bring a table.   Read reviews or references on the company.  If the massage therapists are not licensed or do not bring a table, this is usually a red flag.  I would not allow such a person into my home!

Make sure you have a quiet room with plenty of room for the licensed massage therapist.  Also having a robe on hand will be more comfortable for you when getting dressed.

A traveling massage therapist will bring their own table, sheets, bolster, music and any other necessary equipment to your home.  She will arrive at set appointment time.  Once they arrive, the therapist usually sets up their equipment he/she will do a verbal intake, asking if you have any medical problems, what areas you would like focused on and what type of pressure.  It is very important that you communicate with your therapist, letting them know exactly what type of massage you are looking for.  Communication is key to a great massage, please do not be afraid to offend therapist, it is your massage, and you need to make sure you get the best massage possible!

Next she will excuse themselves to the bathroom to wash hands, and ask you to get underdressed and get on the table under the sheet.   Make sure you are comfortable.

Upon returning she/he will start the massage.  The massage therapist should check in a couple of times to see how the pressure is.  It is your job to let the therapist know if it is not deep enough or too deep.  PLEASE make sure you are communicating with the therapist, he/she has no way of knowing unless you tell them the pressure is wrong!

After the massage is finished the traveling massage therapist will let you know the session is done, and excuse himself to the bathroom to wash hands.  Be careful getting up off the table, make sure you drink plenty of water.  It is not good to work out the same day as you get a massage.

The on site massage therapist will then pack up her belongings and ask you how you feel. They will then collect payment in form of cash or credit card.  Tipping is appropriate if you enjoyed your massage; the standard for tipping is just like restaurant tipping 15-20% of total.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of what a mobile massage is, and what a traveling massage therapist does when arriving at your location, how to screen a mobile massage company and what to expect.   I feel it is the best way to get a massage; not having to travel or drive in traffic is the best!

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