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The most romantic #staycation with couple massage

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Do you have children? Have you been back to school shopping and prepping for school non-stop? Maybe you have been pulling crazy work week hours, you and the honey haven’t had the time for yourselves! You want a vacation, but you can’t quite find the time to make travel arrangements, find the best deals or even take off work to make it happen. Trust me, we have all been there, you aren’t necessarily losing the romance with your lover, but you guys are missing a few things. This is when you should think about a staycation and let everything come to you. A Magic Touch Mobile Massage offers a romantic dinner and couples massage package that provides the perfect setting for the perfect evening, and you can see more details in this YouTube video.

While you and your love receive couples massage (or facials, or mani/pedis) a trained personal chef prepares a gourmet 4 course dinner in your home. The meal is served on a beautiful candle-lit table. A pathway of rose petals leads to an even more romantic petal-strewn bed. The best part about this, is we come to YOU! Everything is setup perfectly for the both of you without going through all the hassle of searching for all the puzzle pieces to fit at the proper pricing point. We are very reasonably priced and we create the staycation in your home or even hotel of choice.

This is even a great idea as a gift for friends or family. Our trained staff here at A Magic Touch Mobile Massage will take care of absolutely everything you can think of; massage tables and music, food, candles, rose petals. All you need do is relax and let a flawless romantic evening unfold. Just think of all the benefits our staycation massages have:

  • Reduce Blood Pressure
  • Get rid of those tension headaches
  • Include a Facial for smoother skin
  • relieve that backpain from bad mattresses
  • Enhanced blood circulation
  • Increase your scope of movement

These benefits prove it isn’t just about relaxation, but massages do in fact have very real health impacts. Not only are you rejuvenating your relationship with some much needed time alone, romance and a great dinner, but you are also re-energizing your body. A body that is being put through the rigors and pain of a sometimes chaotic and stressful life day in and day out.

Take time to disconnect from the world and reconnect with your partner. Removed from the constant distractions in your lives for just a few hours, you will discover each other for the first time, or perhaps all over again. Create a lasting memory with one of our treatments or packages. Any treatment or combination of treatments can be bundled together for side-by-side romantic couples or fun spa together experiences!

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