A Magic Touch Mobile Massage: The Best In-Home Massage in Scottsdale, Arizona

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Getting from point A to point B in the Scottsdale or Phoenix area can put a knot in anyone’s spine. Fortunately, with A Magic Touch Mobile Massage you’re just a single phone call away from a relaxing therapeutic massage. And all of that comes in the comfort of your home.

At a Magic Touch Mobile Massage we pamper our clients with a full range of in-home massage services. Our dedicated team of professionally licensed therapists are more than happy to travel to your doorsteps to deliver a customized massaging experience.

We offer both individuals and couples massage. And the best part is most of our services can be performed at your home, hotel room or office. We also offer services at bachelorette and bridal parties; corporate wellness events or any other type of celebrations.
Please take a minute to review our complete line of services.Then pick up the phone and let A Magic Touch Mobile Massage come to you.

A Magic Touch Mobile Massage: Our Services

Massage has been practiced as a therapeutic technique for centuries. Today, those looking for an in-home massage have a number of different styles to choose from— most of which are offered by a Magic Touch Mobile Massage. The various styles/techniques involve different ways of pressing, rubbing and manipulating muscles and other soft tissues to give you the best results in terms of relaxation and recovery.  

Here is just a small sample of the many services offered through a Magic Touch Mobile Massage:

In-Home Massage Therapy

The most popular service offered by a Magic Touch Mobile Massage, in-home massage therapy is a calming, nurturing and healing experience. Our massage therapists utilize an abundance of customized styles and techniques that will ultimately relax you and release years of knots caused by stress and other factors.  

Some of the in-home massage techniques/styles you can choose from at a Magic Touch Mobile Massage include:

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most common type of massage, largely due to the benefits it offers to our clients. This style of massage involves kneading strokesmostly in combination of soft and long, as well as rhythmic gentle strokes, on the topmost part of the muscles. This massage is also typically combined with the light manipulation of the joints. Swedish therapy can be both soothing and revitalizing. And it may even help you recover after an injury.

Therapy Massage

Also known as neuromuscular therapy massage, this style of treatment involves manipulation of soft issue with the goal of treating some of the underlying causes of chronic pain stemming from the muscular and nervous systems. Therapy massage addresses trigger points in the body, as well as mechanical issues that can often be caused by repetitive movement injuries.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is the recommended therapy for those dealing with specific stiffness and painful trouble spots in the body. In administering this technique, a Magic Touch Mobile Massage therapists utilize slow, calculated pressure strokes on the tendons, muscles or other tissues beneath the skin. Deep tissue massage is known to be highly therapeutic, aiding with muscle injuries, such as back and shoulder sprain as well as chronic tension.

Other types of massage, including Shiatsu and hot stone therapy massages, are also offered by a Magic Touch Mobile Massage. Just ask your therapist how they can best serve you.

Couples Massage

At a Magic Touch Mobile Massage we realize that you and your partner may be experiencing different kinds of issues. That’s why we tailor our couples massage to meet each of your needs by offering a variety different massage techniques.

Our couples massage is the perfect birthday or anniversary gift for you and your significant other. What a great way to celebrate a special occasion or to simply treat you and your loved one to a relaxing evening at home!

Chair Massage
Don’t have time for a complete massage experience? No worries. At a Magic Touch Mobile Massage we offer chair massage sessions that can deeply relax your frayed nerves before getting on with the rest of your day. Onsite and in-home chair massages offered by a Magic Touch Mobile Massage therapists will include designed chair in which you’ll be seated fully-clothed, ready to forget the world outside. Once seated, you will receive a full massage of your neck, shoulders, back, arms, and hands, relieving months of stiffness, stress and strain.

Sports Massage


The in-home sports massage offered through a Magic Touch Mobile Massage is perfect for golfers, tennis players or other athletes dealing with a specific muscular issue. Initially developed to assist with specific muscle systems associated with a particular sport, sports massage help athletes to recover and perform at their very best—before, during, and/or after a given match or event. By choosing a sports massage (or golfer’s massage), your a Magic Touch Mobile Massage therapist can help you alleviate a particular trouble spot or sports injury, while also increasing your flexibility, thereby helping to prevent further injuries.


Pregnancy Massage


It’s no secret that pregnancy can cause your body to undergo several changes. The massage, also known as Pregnancy massage or Pre-natal massage, can help you address your bodily changes by altering your stress level, addressing any leg and arm swelling, and relieving joint and muscle pain.


Pregnancy massage have been known to be particularly accommodating during a time when medication and other medical options are severely limited. With the help of specially-designed and manufactured massage pillows, a Magic Touch Mobile Massage therapists will help you get into a very comfortable position while undergoing this relaxing massage.


Why deal with bumper-to-bumper traffic on top of your sore muscles and joints?  Our a Magic Touch Mobile Massage therapists will come directly to you—all over the Scottsdale/Phoenix/Chandler area—and customize the massaging experience to meet your individual (and couples massage) needs.


For more information on how A Magic Touch Mobile Massage can help you relax and recover from the comfort of your home or office, call us at 602.448.6836


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