The Importance of Sports Massage for an Active, Healthy Lifestyle

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Sports Massage is Essential for Athletes and Active People of All Types

Our skilled sports massage therapists at a sporting event
Sports massage is considered an integral training component for many athletes of all sports and competition levels. And when we say athlete, we are not just referring to professional, paid sports stars or Olympic gold medalists. Rather, we are referring to anyone who lives a fitness-based, healthy and athletically active lifestyle. This includes everyday people who engage in extracurricular pastimes like:

• Weight Training
• Golf
• Swimming/Diving
• Running
• Powerwalking
• Bicycling
• Martial Arts
• Basketball
• Softball
• Baseball
• Tennis
• Racquetball

During each of these activities, your body’s muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments undergo a tremendous amount of stress and strain—resulting in regularly occurring soreness, stiffness and tightness all over. Failure to combat exercise-induced fatigue can also lead to a decrease in athletic performance and even injury in some cases.

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Sports Massage: A Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Technique

Therapeutic sports massage is a technique similar to deep tissue massage therapy. It focuses on treating soft tissue aches, pain and minor injuries associated with recreational activities. Deep tissue massage therapy uses trigger points and deep pressure kneading in order to penetrate the deepest muscle tissues, tendons and fascia.Mobile Sports Massage for Sporting Injuries

Regular deep tissue massage therapy sessions can cause relief from chronic and recurring injury pain, as well as muscle soreness. A 2010 in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry found that deep tissue techniques reduce stress levels and heart rate, while boosting serotonin levels—resulting in increased mood and relaxation levels, which can also help enhance recovery from strenuous exercise.

The Benefits of Sports Massage After a Workout

A sports massage therapy session helps combat the strain your athletic lifestyle puts on your body. Therefore, you should consider sports massage a fundamental part of your post-workout training regimen. Post-workout sports massage specifically helps with:

• Training Effectiveness
• Performance Improvement
• Injury Prevention
• Increased Flexibility and Range-of-Motion
• Improved Blood Flow for Nutrient Uptake
• Faster Recovery/Decreased Lasting Fatigue

A study conducted by Margaret Jones, Ph.D. of the American College of Sports Medicine, showed a positive correlation between muscle recovery and massage when performed both before and after exercise. Another study undertaken by a research team at McMasterDeep Tissue Mobile Massage for Post Workout University found that sports massage after an intense workout can actually cause muscles to enlarge, and can also grow mitochondria—which are responsible for converting nutrients into useful energy throughout the body.

Although historically speaking, professional or competitive athletes have been the largest users of sports massage therapy, today many recreational athletes, as well as active people of all ages and fitness levels, use sports massage therapy to achieve peak performance levels whether at work, play or anywhere else.

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The Three-Fold Effect of Sports Massage Therapy Sessions

Human beings are holistic creatures. We exist on mental, emotional and physical planes—and if one of those planes is unbalanced, it tends to throw off the balance of the other two planes very easily. This is another reason why sports massage, as well as other deep tissue massage therapy modalities are so very beneficial: Because they help foster a three-fold physical, physiological and psychological body response that results in body, mind and spirit health and wellness.

Physical Benefits of Deep Tissue Sports Massage

• Pumping or stroking the muscle tissues sucks fluid through the blood and lymph vessels. This helps repair damaged and tight muscle tissue by helping nutrients reach the tissues most in need of them.
• Stretching tissues that could not be stretched otherwise, by targeting bundles of tissue fibers lengthways and sideways—as well as working the sheath and fascia of the bundles.
• Breaking down scar tissue and increasing muscle elasticity, both of which can impede recovery, as well as the building of new muscle

Physiological Benefits of Deep Tissue Sports Massage

• Significant pain reduction through breaking down toxins and waste products in the muscles, as well as releasing endorphins
• The heat generation deep tissue massage facilitates helps enhance muscle relaxation, which positively affects mood. Specifically, Mechanoreceptors which sense touch, pressure, tissue length and warmth are stimulated causing a reflex relaxation

Psychological Benefits of Deep Tissue Sports Massage

• Deep tissue massage therapy helps reduce anxiety, stress and tension, all of which cause depression, sexual-reproductive issues, high blood pressure and more
• Brisk and deep movements can help cause feelings of invigoration and even euphoria

The Added Benefit of Mobile Sports Massage Therapy Sessions

The only thing better than having a professional, highly experienced and very proficient massage therapist give you a relaxing, rehabilitating and rejuvenating deep tissue massage or sports massage therapy session, is not having to leave the comfort and peace of your home, hotel suite, or office to get it done. A Magic Touch Mobile Massage is here to help bring the massage to you. All you have to do is call us, and we will send a licensed, insured, and highly experienced mobile massage therapist to your door within a few hours time.Mobile Deep Tissue Massage

Our mobile sports massage therapists specialize in several different sports massage techniques, including the deep tissue massage modality. We have many years experience working with athletes of all backgrounds, competition and fitness levels, pre-existing injuries, as well as special health needs. No matter your pastime, discipline, physical condition or other needs, we can help you feel better from head to toe and everywhere in between—so that you can perform your best on your field of play, and enjoy the highest quality of life possible off of it too.

Please contact us to discuss how our mobile sports massage and mobile deep tissue massage therapists can help you—and to schedule an appointment for your mobile sports massage or mobile deep tissue massage therapy session today.