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Quality Mobile Massage What is a quality mobile massage? Why choose quality mobile massage over price? In home, outcall massage to Phoenix, Tempe, Gilbert, Tucson, Palm Springs and beyond.  What should you consider when deciding what massage service to use? Why us?

I am sometimes told that our price is too much for a mobile massage.  If you are thinking you can get a quality mobile massage for the price of Massage Envy or close to it, you are most likely not going to get a good experienced massage therapist.

Yes there are plenty of massage companies as well as massage therapists out there offering discounted mobile massage services.   But I have heard a lot of different complaints and horror stories from clients who decide to go for the cheap massage and trying to save money instead of going with the more expensive one.

One of the number one complaints I hear about is that someone bought a groupon or deal and the therapist cancelled time and time again, or they went out of business, or that they cannot get a hold of them to make an appointment.

I have also heard of the mobile massage therapist not showing up and if they did they were either very late, or were very inexperienced and did not perform a good massage.  A lot of therapists try to make up the cost in volume instead of charging more.  What that does is it makes the therapist do 3 times as many massages in one day, meaning the massage therapist is tired and not fresh!

Also mobile massage companies that run the very cheap specials or groupon use massage therapists right out of school or therapists that cannot get a job somewhere else.  They pay them a lot less, because they are charging a lot less, so they are less likely to keep awesome massage therapists for long or to even be able to hire them.

Quality Mobile MassageI myself, refuse to participate in Groupon or any other deal that devalues mobile massage.  I pay my mobile massage therapists very well, and it shows in their attitude, their performance, their professionalism and promptness.  Everyone is always able to get a same day appointment with A Magic Touch Mobile Massage, because we use only the best and my therapists are eagerly awaiting a call.

The cost isn’t that much if you think about it, they have at least a half hour travel time each way to your location, 15 minutes set up time, tear down time and then the cost of gas.  Plus we always provide 60, 90 and 120 minute massages, we do not short on time.  I am proud to say I have some of the best mobile massage therapists in Arizona, California and Nevada.  They all have been well trained and are licensed and insured, and have been doing massages for at least 5 years or longer.  And you not having to get up and drive and deal with traffic and just being able to crawl into bed adds even more value.

So next time you think of choosing someone cheap or going for a groupon deal, ask yourself am I willing to let just anyone massage me?  Am I willing to deal with flakes and inexperinced therapists?  Is it worth the money I would save to have to deal with cancellations and not being able to get an appointment?

You should always ask how long someone has been massaging, you should care who is massaging your body and how much experience they have! Look for references or reviews on the person or business…Call and try to book with them 1st before purchasing the groupon deal!   I myself care very much who massages me and want to know that person is very experienced and knows and cares what they’re doing and that has positive energy.

While we aren’t the cheapest, we are the best, and it shows in what we do.   So I urge you to check our references by clicking here and that you choose experience over price, especially if you can afford it!  You will not regret it!

We provide in home massage and quality mobile massage to: Orange County, CA, Newport Beach, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Chandler, Tempe, Cave creek, Carefree, Goodyear, Tucson and all of phoenix metro.