Mobile Reiki and Aromatherapy Scottsdale

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Mobile Reiki and Aromatherapy Scottsdale unite powerfully to create instant healing of mind and body. Fuse Mobile Reiki and Aromatherapy Scottsdale create calm and deep deep relaxation.

Reiki was developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usuni.  Using a technique called palm healing or hands healing it is a form of alternative medicine.  The use of this technique, Reiki practitioners transfer universal energy though their palms, which allows for self healing and a state of equilibrium.  It is also known as energy work or holistic healing.

Our certified Reiki practitioner will also add aroma therapy  to their treatments to enhance the session.  It is proven that using aromatherapy and Reiki at the same time helps calms the mind, so it helps ease body and mind into relaxed state quicker.  For example essential oils instantly help calm clients before the Reiki treatment, making the energy work more effective.

Reiki TreatmentUpon request you can also add mobile reflexology to your in home Reiki treatment as well.  Which focuses on the hands, feet and ears.  It is said that your hands, feet and ears all reflect your whole body.  Often work on these body parts, along with Reiki and Aromatherapy Scottsdale provide ultimate relaxation.

Our mobile Reiki technicians bring a table, music, essential oils and all the necessary equipment for ultimate relaxation to your home, hotel, business or corporate event.

Mobile holistic healing sessions and mobile reflexology are only available during the day during the week and on the weekends.  Advance booking is preferred.

To restore your entire system both physically, emotionally, and spiritually call A Magic Touch Mobile Massage today at 602-448-6836.

Mobile Reiki and Aromatherapy Scottsdale is available in Arizona only currently in the following cities:  Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Tempe, Fountain Hills, Cave Creek, Chandler and Mesa.  Give it a try today for a new experience in relaxation, you won’t believe how relaxed you feel afterward!  You will feel like a new person.