Mobile Golf Massage Experts Scottsdale

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Are you in pain from too much golf?  We have a special mobile golf massage designed just for you and the best news?  We come to your home or hotel in 2 hours.

Is an in home or mobile Golf Massage for you?

Do you have lower back pain or sciatic pain from golfing?

Are you on a golf vacation? Are you in pain from too much golf?  We have a special golf massage designed just for you and the best news?  We come to your home or hotel in 2 hours.  Did you know you can get golfers fatigue?  It’s from golfing several days in a row non-stop.  It will help relieve tension, and get you ready for another day of golf!

Our Mobile Golf Massage includes:

  • Focus on the lower lumbar region, gluteus maximus, medius, minimus, Piriformis and sciatic nerve.
  • Focus on the hamstrings and quads loosening them up for flexibility during the game.
  • Stretching of the lower limbs and upper body
  • The massage is of medium to deep pressure.
  • Trigger point is used as needed.
  • Arm massage and hand massage to help your grip
  • Relaxation of the mind so you can rejuvenate and be able to focus on your golf game.

Our mobile golfers massage has been shown to improve posture, game play, circulation, help you sleep, and overall health and attitude.  Famous golfers like Phil Mickelson have experienced this massage from us and loved it. Our golfers massage will help you recover from a long day or two of golf.

From our Customers

“In Scottsdale escaping Old Man Winter and staying in a condo instead of a traditional hotel or resort. After two days of golfing my shoulders were so tight and at 6:30 PM I decided I needed a massage. After a quick Google search I was on the phone with DeDe attempting to schedule a massage. She asked me my massage preferences and promised to get back to me in 20 minutes, 15 minutes later she had a masseuse, Kim, that was able to come over that evening for a 90 minute massage. Kim was FANTASTIC! She was extremely professional; she even said no to my offer to help bring her table and stuff upstairs. She insisted I focus on relaxing. Her technique and pressure were spot on! I’ll definitely rebook the next time I’m in Scottsdale!!” –  JB

“My experience with Magic Touch Massage…was just incredible…After a long day of golf, a lady friend and I had Ddee and her staff out to help us out with our sore bodies…Best massages we ever had!..I’m sure we will be using them again many times in the future..They knew all the right spots to hit for us golfers…we will be highly recommending them to our friends…I highly recommend them to you as well…you won’t be disappointed..on time…very professional staff!” –  Bob Lopez

“I was in Scottsdale for a golf academy with my husband and nephews and in dire need of a deep-tissue massage.  I contacted Dee Dee with the hope that Magic Touch could accommodate me last minute.  She booked me and came to the resort at the appointed time that afternoon.  Whoohoo! Having had massages all over the world, I can tell immediately whether someone is good or not … and Dee Dee is awesome!  I will keep her in my contact list and schedule her whenever I am near Phoenix/Scottsdale.  I wish she would move to the SF/Bay Area so I could schedule her every week!
Thank you Dee Dee!” –   Nancy C