In Home Reflexology Scottsdale

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In home reflexology Scottsdale is a deeply relaxing treatment. In home Reflexology Scottsdale is a unique one-hour service focusing on total relaxation of whole body.

In Home Reflexology Scottsdale

Your  inhome reflexology treatment starts with you reclining comfortably in a reflexology chair enjoying a foot soak in warm scented Himalayan salt water. It is made up of 82 trace minerals that are absorbed through the skin to help mineralize the whole body.  The Himalayan salt is known to get rid of arid acid and crystals from the foot and body.  There is also deep relaxation music being played in the background.

In Home Reflexology Treatment

Next step on your in home reflexology Scottsdale treatment is your feet are dried off and the reflexologies massages, smoothes and stimulates specific points on the feet that have proven stress reducing and body balancing properties.

In home reflexology Scottsdale is great for clients that have pain so bad that they can’t be touched in that area, because you can get to it through the feet.  The feet reflect the whole body.  It is also great for relaxation and aches and pains.

Mobile Reflexology to your location

Our certified reflexologist brings everything needed for mobile reflexology to your home, office, or hotel room. She specializes in reflexology only and has been practicing the art and science of reflexology for over a decade.

Mobile reflexology can be done in one-hour increments or 30-minute increments, we do have a one-hour minimum but it can be split between 2 people.

We can do spa parties, events, mobile reflexology, foot massage, couples massage, swedish massage, deep tissue, sports massage and inhome reflexology Scottsdale in Arizona in the following cities: Scottsdale, Phoenix, Fountain Hills, Tempe, Mesa, Cave Creek, and Carefree.  Call today 602-448-6836.

In Home Reflexology Scottsdale