How Do I Find A Good Massage Therapist?

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I am often asked How Do I Find A Good Massage Therapist? I have some great suggestions on How Do I Find A Good Massage Therapist?

Quite often clients ask me How Do I Find A Good Massage Therapist?  How come, I can’t find someone as good as you where I live? Can you move to where I live, please?

Whether new to massage therapy or long time patron, there eventually comes a time when massage recipients need to seek out a therapist.  But how do you go about looking for one? Do you pick up the yellow pages, the newspaper, go on the internet or ask a friend? A lot of times finding a good licensed massage therapist is hit or miss, but there are a few things you can do to make it more likely that you will get a good massage and the massage you are looking for.


Most people do research when purchasing a product, so why wouldn’t you do the same when you are looking for a good massage?When you 1st start looking for a massage therapist you want to ask yourself these questions.  What type of massage do I like? Do I want to go somewhere to a spa or salon or do I want a mobile massage therapist that comes to my home?   How far do I want to travel?  How often do I want to get a massage? What do I expect to get out of the massage?  How much can I afford to spend?  Do I want a male or female?  What type of pressure do I like?

Next you want to ask friends and family that get massages often, but you need to ask them those questions as well, just because they think their massage therapist is awesome, doesn’t mean you will!  Everyone likes different types of massages, some people like a deep tissue, some like a Swedish massage which can be light to medium.  Most people I encounter like deep tissue, and have a hard time finding someone that can do deep tissue massage.

You also might want to go on Google, Yahoo, Yelp or another search engine and do a search for massage or in home massage, mobile massage or in home couples massage depending on what you are looking for, also enter your city or zip code.  Most places should have reviews you can read.  Make sure the company is a legit company, look at their website, see what kind of business they are, what they promote.

The paperback yellow pages, do not give enough information about the person advertising in them, so I would not use them.  There are so many other ways of finding massage therapsits now days, that give a lot more information about the company or therapist.

When calling massage therapist or a company, you should be asking the questions I asked you to ask yourself and make sure they are a good match for you.  I would also ask  if they are licensed and insured, how long they have been doing massage, if they went to school,, and what they specialize in, what the cost is of the massage. You should screen them, asking as many questions as you can. If you are getting an in home massage, make sure they are bringing a table!

Once you meet the massage therapist, let them know what areas you would like them to focus on, and what type of pressure you want. Do not be afraid to communicate with your therapist!  Communication is key to a great massage!  If they are not going deep enough or are going to deep speak up! If you don’t do not blame the therapist if you get a massage you didn’t want. The therapist has no way of knowing unless you tell them! Unfortunately we are not able to read minds!

I hope this article has helped you with the question of How Do I Find A Good Massage Therapist?  If you live in or are visiting Phoenix Metro, Arizona, Scottsdale, Tucson, Orange County, Los Angeles, California Palm springs, San Diego, Riverside County or Las Vegas, Nevada we have some great massage therapists that always follow these guidelines and they are licensed and insured! Give us a call 602-448-6836.

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