Do You Get Massage While on Vacation?

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Do You Get Massage While on Vacaction?  I wanted to do a survey of people to see Do You Get Massage While on Vacation? Forum open for comment.

I myself always like to get a massage before I get on a plane or drive a long drive for vacation.  It helps me to relax!  There is nothing worse then getting on a plane or in a car to tell you everywhere you are tight! Especially if it is a long flight or drive it will make you a lot more comfortable.

I also like to get a massage somewhere in the middle of my vacation as well. Obviously I am very addicted to massage, and I feel while I’m on vacation, it is the only time my muscles get to relax, as I am always doing massages when I’m not on vacation.  Getting massage, gives me a chance to relax on my plane ride and vacation, and also give my sore tired muscles time to recover from all the hard work I do.

So my recommendation is definitely get at least one massage before or at the beginning of your vacation, you will find you are able to relax and enjoy your vacation much more.

A Magic Touch Mobile Massage comes to you, so you donT have to try to find a place in an unfamiliar town.  We also do massage on your schedule not ours!  Were often able to have a Mobile massage therapist to your door within 2 hours of phone call 7 days a week from 9am-10pm in Scottsdale, Arizona, Metro Phoenix, Az, Orange County, palm springs, California, and Las Vegas Nevada.

We also offer Inhome massage, mobile pedicures, Inhome manicures and spa parties.

So I was wondering Do You Get Massage While on Vacation?  When do get massage before or after? And do you go to a spa or you search google for mobile massage?  How do you search or find a licensed massage therapist?  All approved comments will be posted! Thank you for your feed back.

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