Chair Massage for Better Health of Employees

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Chair massage for better health of employees is the easiest way to provide employees with important health benefits.  At your door in 2 hours! Call today!

Chair Massage for Better Health of Employees


Chair massage for better health of employees

People often look at massage as a luxury expense, but it is actually cheaper than most health benefits and has added benefits!

When people feel better they work harder.  A 15 minute chair massage a week, has been proven to reduce muscle tension, lower stress, rejuvenate the body and mind.  It will also make staff more alert.  These are keys to a productive workplace. It is scientifically proven  to relieve stress.

Chair Massages Decrease Absenteeism

Chair massage  in the workplace is actually shown to reduce absenteeism because massage benefits the immune system, it can lead to less sick days.  A study by the Bureau of Labor statistics shows that employees take many days off due to stress or anxiety. There are many studies that show how corporate chair massage can reduce absenteeism.

Boost Employee Moral

After staff leaves a chair massage session, they have a positive mood and sense of well-being.  That feeling carries over into the workplace.  Employees will feel grateful to be working at the workplace and it will show in their interactions with clients and other employees.

Employees will enjoy Reduced anxiety and stress Headache and migraine relief Relief of muscle soreness Lower blood pressure Increased range of motion and flexibility, and higher immunity to illness.

For a healthier, happier workplace schedule your chair massages today 602-448-6836.  When calling please have an accurate count of staff needing massage so we can figure out how many hours are needed for your office.  We also offer corporate chair massage for events and parties.