Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day With A Corporate Chair Massage

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Employee Appreciation Day Corporate Chair Massage is the Perfect Business Event!

a group chair massage at the officeEmployee appreciation day 2016 is fast approaching. On March 4th, employers ranging from small business owners to Fortune 500 CEO’s celebrate their employees, who are collectively responsible for making their companies so very successful. One of the most popular, fun and holistically beneficial ways to celebrate employee appreciation day is by hosting business-wide corporate chair massage events.

Corporate Chair Massage refers to a business hosting a mobile massage therapy event for its employees. Licensed, insured and highly experienced mobile massage therapists travel to the business to perform this service, and bring with them all necessary equipment and accompaniments including:

• Massage Chairs
• Lotion
• Linens
• Music

The Holistic Benefits of Corporate Chair Mobile Massage Events

Some of the holistic benefits of hosting an employee appreciation day corporate chair mobile massage event include:

Inclusiveness—Your employees, regardless of physical/medical condition, lifestyle and activity background, can participate on some level in a corporate chair mobile massage event
Fiscal and Physical Wellness—Corporate chair mobile massage is often less expensive (per employee) than hosting a luncheon, or providing unhealthy sodas and snacks
Healthy Longevity—A corporate chair mobile massage health and wellness event results in happy and productive employees long after the corporate chair mobile massage session or event in question

5 Reasons Why You Should Host an Employee Appreciation Massage Event

chair massage at the officeIn addition to the holistic benefits of employee appreciation day corporate chair massage events, the following are five very important reasons why hosting an employee appreciation massage event is the perfect way to pay your respects to your employees for the hard work they do—while increasing workplace morale, promoting health and wellness, as well as reducing incidents of stress related illness and decreased productivity.

1. Decreased Workplace Stress—employee appreciation mobile massage events can decrease the tension caused by workplace stress by reducing blood pressure, relieve arthritis, improve joint and muscle aches, and even increase immunity to colds and the fly. It can also aid in the prevention of chronic workplace injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. According to the American Institute of Stress and the American Psychological Association, workplace stress related problems cost companies an estimated $200 billion annually. So investing in an employee appreciation mobile massage event is actually an investment in the long-term health of your employees, as well as the bolstering of your bottom line.

2. Increased Productivity—employee appreciation corporate chair massage events help relax and rehabilitate employees from the intellectual, mental and emotional rigors of the workplace. Recent studies in the publication American Psychologist show workers perform more efficiently when not distracted by stress and tension. In fact, if a worker is rewarded with a 15 minute massage versus a 15 minute rest break, that worker is clinically shown to enjoy increased creative and critical thinking faculties. So an employee appreciation corporate chair massage event is an investment that will pay its dividends in kind where both employee productivity and proficiency are concerned.

3. Cost and Time Effective—corporate chair mobile massage sessions are brief in duration, usually only 10-15 minutes, so the per person cost is exceptionally low. Because several mobile massage therapists attend most employee appreciation massage events, they are able to work through even large groups of employees effectively and efficiently. This means that you might only need a few hours out of the day to elicit significant and lasting changes in the minds and bodies of your employees—not to mention your business’s culture, climate and productivity.

4. Quick and Easy Set Up—an employee appreciation mobile massage event can be set up in a corner office, a conference room, break room, or even an unoccupied cubicle. It really only requires a 6’X6’ space at minimum, and can be set up and ready to go in minutes. Since our mobile massage therapists bring the equipment and supplies, you only have to provide the space, and our mobile massage therapy team will handle the rest.

5. Flexible Scheduling—a corporate chair massage event can be set up around your business’s unique schedule and needs. For example, if afternoons are your busy time of the day, then a mobile massage event can be scheduled for the morning. Or if weekdays at your business are busier than weekends, then how about a Saturday afternoon mobile massage event? An employee appreciation corporate chair massage event is totally customizable, and can include as many mobile massage therapists as you wish…and even aestheticians or nail technicians, if you would like to add other therapeutic and relaxing services to your event.

Scheduling an Employee Appreciation Corporate Chair Massage Event

If you are located in or around the Metropolitan Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona, Las Vegas and Clark County Nevada, or San Diego, Palm Springs and Los Angeles, California areas, A Magic Touch Mobile Massage can help your business plan the perfect employee appreciation day mobile massage event.

Nicole giving a chair massage to her clientWe have the staff to be able to provide as many licensed, insured and highly experienced mobile massage therapists as are needed for your event. And the best part is that by allowing our expert mobile massage therapists to help pamper and reward your employees, you are actually rewarding yourself too—because a happier and healthier employee is an employee whose productivity and proficiency will benefit your company’s profitability in spades. Contact us today, and let’s plan an event that your employees will remember fondly for a very long time to come!