Post Surgery Massage

Massage Therapy for People With Arthritis

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Arthritis is a debilitating condition that causes many people a lot of pain and discomfort.  You can likely guess that massage therapy can greatly help people with arthritis find relief of pain.  If you continue reading, you will learn just how massage therapists can specifically work on areas of the body that are arthritic.  If you suffer from arthritis schedule …

The Gift of Massage

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If you have begun your shopping for presents this holiday season, you should think about giving the gift of massage.  If you are stumped on a gift for someone, a massage is a great option because who wouldn’t enjoy a massage?  The holidays are also a stressful time for some, and we think a massage is one great way of relieving …

Massage for Those With Fibromyalgia

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People that have fibromyalgia will tell you that they experience a lot of pain and fatigue, and something that is painful to a person who doesn’t have fibromyalgia will be even more painful to a person who does have it.  On the bright side, massage therapy (and more specifically, regular massage therapy appointments) can typically help someone with fibromyalgia find …

Massage and Pain Relief

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As you know, there are numerous benefits of massage therapy  — almost too many to discuss in one blog post.  The body its systems truly improve with regular massages.  One major benefit of massage therapy is pain relief.  It often serves as a method of pain management for those suffering with chronic pain.  Instead of turning to prescription drugs with …

Mobile Massage Therapy

What Massage Really Does For The Body

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Many people often get massages because it brings relaxation into their day and because it feels good.  Other people get massages because they are hard on their bodies and they need relief.  Both are valid reasons to schedule massage therapy appointments, but we want you to know that there are actual, proven health benefits of massage.  Check out the article …

a relaxing mobile facial

What to Expect During a Facial

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  If you have never had a facial before but this Arizona heat has your face feeling dry and deprived it might be time to make your first appointment.  At A Magic Touch Mobile Massage we do more than just in-home massages.  We gladly can do mobile facials as well!  Learn what to expect during a facial below! First Time …

Massage Therapy for Arizona Cyclists

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Arizona and the surrounding states have the perfect climate and terrain for cycling.  Whether you are a professional or just enjoy riding for exercise and leisure, you know that after a long day of cycling your body is sore.  This is where massage therapy can greatly help.  If you regularly cycle you should regularly get massages, depending on frequency and …