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What Massage Really Does For The Body

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Many people often get massages because it brings relaxation into their day and because it feels good.  Other people get massages because they are hard on their bodies and they need relief.  Both are valid reasons to schedule massage therapy appointments, but we want you to know that there are actual, proven health benefits of massage.  Check out the article …

a relaxing mobile facial

What to Expect During a Facial

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  If you have never had a facial before but this Arizona heat has your face feeling dry and deprived it might be time to make your first appointment.  At A Magic Touch Mobile Massage we do more than just in-home massages.  We gladly can do mobile facials as well!  Learn what to expect during a facial below! First Time …

Massage Therapy for Arizona Cyclists

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Arizona and the surrounding states have the perfect climate and terrain for cycling.  Whether you are a professional or just enjoy riding for exercise and leisure, you know that after a long day of cycling your body is sore.  This is where massage therapy can greatly help.  If you regularly cycle you should regularly get massages, depending on frequency and …

Improve Blood Circulation with A Magic Touch Mobile Massage

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Benefits of Improved Circulation Improved blood circulation is just one more benefit of massage therapy. Combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise, massage can be a powerful, natural ally for a healthier lifestyle To understand the benefits of massage, you first have to know a little about your circulatory system. Your circulatory system consists of two parts: the cardiovascular …

5 tips – To Employee health and wellness

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One of the most frustrating aspects of winter is sickness. Between the common cold, the flu, stomach bugs, and everything else that goes around, employees are probably missing days left and right. From a business standpoint, this can be exasperating and debilitating. Thankfully, you can do something about it. The Cost of Unhealthy Employees While health is very much a …

Posture and why it is so important

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Does Posture Matter? Ever feel low on energy? Get sick often? Experience headaches or digestive upset, like constipation or diarrhea? Feel less agile than you used to be? Your postural habits may be behind these symptoms. As massage therapists, what can we do to help break these chronic tension habits? How can we address and heal these subconscious holding patterns? Creative …

Post Surgery Massage

Massage therapy for post surgery pain

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Massage is often used in this capacity.  Massage can be a good supplement to chemical pain relievers, which many people would prefer to limit, or bypass all together.  Massage can also help to relieve emotional pain, helping the patient to relax and envision a pain free life. Based on the evidence, massage therapy can be effective for reducing pain intensity/severity …