A Magic Touch Mobile Massage: The Best Mobile Massage in Scottsdale, Arizona

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At A Magic Touch Mobile Massage we can bring the best mobile massage solution directly to the comfort of your home or office, allowing you to experience all the benefits of a soothing massage without any of the usual drawbacks. When the stress of your daily life calls for a soothing and therapeutic massage, why face the additional headache of driving and sitting in frustrating traffic just to get to your appointment?

A Magic Touch Mobile Massage is a leader in the massage industry, serving the entire Scottsdale/Phoenix/Chandler areas.

The Best Mobile Massage in Scottsdale, Az

Our team of highly-trained and professionally-licensed massage therapists, with decades of experience offer a number of in-home and on-site massage services—including individual and couples massage— and even mobile spa parties to help you celebrate a special event or occasion.

We make the perfect spa-like experience just an easy phone call away. Please take a few minutes to review the variety of mobile massage services we offer to our many satisfied clients.

A Magic Touch Mobile Massage Provides The Best Mobile Massage Services

A Magic Touch Mobile Massage offers a variety of therapeutic and curative massage services that are guaranteed to help relieve your sore, aching muscles and may even be able to assist you in coping with a particular injury.

Whether you’re looking for a full in-home massage, a relaxing couples massage for you and your significant other, a quick back and shoulder massage at the office, or a mobile spa party to help celebrate your last days as a bachelorette, A Magic Touch Mobile Massage has exactly what you’re looking for.

When nothing but a relaxing massage will do, don’t bother getting in the car. At A Magic Touch Mobile Massage we come right to you! We listen carefully to the type of pain and issues you are experiencing, and then develop a customized plan to serve you in the best way possible.

Here is just a brief look at the many types of mobile massage services we offer:

Full-body Mobile Massage

A Magic Touch Mobile Massage’s full-body service is the best mobile massage around are tailored specifically to meet our client’s needs. We come wherever you are to employ a number of different mobile massage techniques—techniques that can help alleviate the stress and strain of your sore muscles and the underlying tissues.

Some of these full-body massage methods include:

Swedish massage, the most common type of therapy, is a soothing and nurturing technique in which our mobile massage therapists employ long, slow and repetitive rubs, all applied with light pressure to ensure your ultimate comfort.
Deep tissue massage is much more intense than Swedish massage. In this technique, therapists use a heavy dose of pressure that’s intended to penetrate the deeper tissues that lie underneath the top layers of muscle. This style of massage can help release chronic muscle tension and is perfect for anyone who has incurred a physical injury of some type.
If you are past your first trimester, a pregnancy massage can be an ideal solution for alleviating some of the pain, stiffness and other problems common during therapy. In pregnancy, blood flow to the arms and particularly the legs can become sluggish, resulting in moderate to severe edema that may become worse by standing. Our A Magic Touch Mobile Massage mobile therapists use techniques that are designed to bring relief to the mother-to-be while also providing her with a calming and comforting full-body experience.
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Sports Massage and Golfer’s Massage

Athletes at every level of their sport can benefit greatly from our services, why settle for mediocre when you can have the best mobile massage in the entire state? Sports and golfer’s massage services are a couple of the favorites that our return clients come to us for. With heavy training schedules and little time for rest, athletes are constantly at risk for injury—many of which can be treated and avoided through sports massage.


In this technique, our therapists apply vigorous pressure and specialized attention to specific areas of the body—areas that can be affected by repetitive movement. This method is the ideal solution for anyone interested in preventing and/or treating an injury, rehabilitating problems areas and improving flexibility.


Chair Massage


You’ve probably seen chair massage stations at your local mall or country fair. In this technique, A Magic Touch Mobile Massage therapists knead sore muscles in the back, shoulders, neck and arms, all while the client is fully clothed and seated in a specially-designed chair. This is the perfect option for those who want some much-needed muscle relief on-the-go.


Couples Massage


A Magic Touch Mobile Massage’s mobile couples massage is a romantic way to bring a spa service right to your doorstep. Our therapists customize a specialized massage treatment for both you and your loved one. It makes for a perfect anniversary gift or just a great way to spend a romantic evening at home.


Mobile Spa Parties


Celebrating an engagement, birthday or bachelorette party? If so, hire us for the best mobile massage & spa parties out there! Instead of traveling to a day spa and paying through the nose, our therapists will come directly to you and provide all of your guests/invitees with a relaxing, pampered massage and spa experience that is guaranteed to please.

To receive additional information and get the best mobile massage of your life, call A Magic Touch Mobile Massage today at 602-448-6836.

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