5-Star Mobile Massage Therapy Versus Day Spa Treatment

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Our 5-Star Mobile Massage Therapists Save You Valuable Time and Money
When you are looking for a 5-Star, resort-style massage therapy experience, you might be under the impression that you must actually venture to a resort to find one. After all, this notion is a popular one—even if it is a total misconception in reality. In fact, many of our loyal customers will readily attest to the fact that they too once believed this myth to be reality.

We at A Magic Touch Mobile Massage want you to know that you do not need to venture far and wide, or for that matter even leave the comfort, peace and tranquility of your home or hotel suite—in order to receive the 5-Star massage therapy treatment experience you so rightfully desire and deserve. Instead, all you have to do is call…and our licensed, insured and highly proficient professional mobile massage therapists will bring the 5-Star, resort style health spa experience to the door of your home or hotel suite!

There are several distinct benefits of booking a mobile massage therapist versus traveling to a spa, including:

• Saving yourself valuable travel time and expense
• Remaining in comfortable, private and secure surroundings
• Receiving a massage therapist who has serviced fewer clients and therefore is fresher and more rested than a day spa therapist
• More flexible hours of operation and days of service
• Faster booking times, including same day service (usually within 2-3 hours of your call)
• Setting up indoors or outdoors, which is especially pleasant during the wintry months when the climate is absolutely wonderful
• Couples massage sessions, which most day spas do not offer

Mobile Massage Therapy Versus Resort-Retreat Services
Many people don’t know that some of the most affluent and popular resorts in the Scottsdale, Phoenix and Paradise Valley areas actually call upon our mobile massage therapists when their spas are either overcrowded or closed. In these cases, the same massage therapy services you could get directly from us are financially inflated so the resorts can make money too. Just look at our price comparison to see for yourself:

Arizona Biltmore**
50-minute massage – $155
80-minute massage – $235

Hyatt Gainey Ranch Spa Avania**
60-minute massage – $165
90-minute massage – $225

The Boulders Spa**
50 –minute massage – $155
80-minute massage – $230

Camelback Inn**
60-minute massage – $165 (per hour)

A Magic Touch Mobile Massage* **
60 minute mobile massage – $100-$130
90-minute mobile massage – $150-$180

*Price fluctuation takes into account hotel potential parking fees and distance.
**Gratuity not included in any price quotes

So as you can plainly see, booking a Magic Touch mobile massage therapist saves you money right off the bat—and for the same 5-Star resort quality massage therapy session. Furthermore, when you take into account the time you save by not traveling to and from a resort day spa, the overall value of a mobile massage is exponentially compounded.

Mobile Spa Treatments, Couples Massages and Personal Chef Services
The other wonderful thing about booking with A Magic Touch is the add-on possibilities we can also bring to your door. These include:

• Mobile facials, manicures, pedicures, body scrubs and more
Couples massage sessions, which include two mobile massage therapists providing simultaneous non-sensual massages you and your loved one can enjoy together
Personal chef and catering services for finishing off your session, event or well-earned treat to yourself and/or someone special

When you add all of these options up, the scales tip overwhelmingly in the favor of mobile massage therapy. After all, why should you have to travel to bliss, when bliss can arrive promptly and ready-to-serve at the doorstep of your home or hotel suite? If you are looking to pamper yourself in the opulent lap of 5-star resort style luxury anywhere in or around the Phoenix, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley areas, then treat yourself to a Magic Touch mobile massage therapist. Your body and mind will thank you—from head to toe, and everywhere in between!

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